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Background History

Codestar Technologies its an online learning platform in kenya, where we offer comprehensive online courses in information technology arena and business sector. Our main focus is to offer affordable education full of practical skills like coding, technical approach and entrepreneurial skills to the africa continent and world at large.

The idea is to bridge the gap between education sector and working environment, by providing knowledge that make proffessional gain skills that not only makes them fit for the job market, but also make employees catch up with latest innovation.

Founded by Ericobanks one of the best instructor for many years in Higher Learning Institutions, Software Development, Technprenuer, philanthropist and mentor to many professionals in technology sector.

Codestar team of staff is made up of best instructors and expert who have contributed in various projects in technology industry and in innovators accross all the professions.

Most of our courses are aimed at beginners, continuing learners, and employees who would want to sharpen their skills. Our teaching methodology includes and not limited to online live interaction lecture, provision of learning resources, one on one live chat intaractive support, forums, workshop, bootcamps and practical lessons which take highest percentage.

This hands-on approach means that our leaners start gaining experience that fucus on solving real life problems by creating technological solutions that improve market needs.

Our Courses

Our focus is on wide range of courses which are economic pillars of the most countries in the world like technology industry, Hospitality industry, SMEs, governments, agriculture, transport, and manufactury industries. Currently we have over 30 courses both in information technology and business departments.
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